The Way Forward To Becoming The Third Largest Economy: Reform India's Tax Policy

Tax public ‘bads’ to improve quality of revenue, tax more inelastic factors of production, bring in a uniform GST rate, and reduce the costs of tax enforcement and compliance as well as their unpredictability

Water Crisis In Urban India: Need For An Integrated Management Approach Of A Scarce Resource

To accommodate the demands of a fast-paced period of urbanisation, India needs to devise better, smarter and more sustainable ways of improving the present water-stressed situation

PM Modi Retains Key Aides PK Mishra, Ajit Doval, Amit Khare And Tarun Kapoor For Another Term

The appointments of PK Mishra as principal secretary to the prime minister, Ajit Doval as the National Security Advisor, Amit Khare and Tarun Kapoor as advisors in PMO signal continuity in decision making and governance under Modi 3.0

FAME III Being Readied To Promote Electric Vehicles; LIC Scouts To Buy Health Insurer

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